Many companies already recognize the advantages of using a collocated data center instead of
managing one internally. These benefits include reducing overall operational cost, minimizing IT head
count, increasing reliability and performance for your applications and systems. How do you go about
selecting the right data center partner, whether you are looking to outsource for the first time or
thinking about switching providers? We are here to help with that important question.

Our partners at ByteGrid created an e-book that identify six considerations you should contemplate
when evaluating a data center provider. These include:

  1. Financial and Business Strength
  2. Security
  3. Compliance
  4. Interconnection and Hybrid Solutions
  5. HVAC Systems
  6. Support Services

Download the free e-book to learn more about the six considerations above. Please reach out to us at
Bluewave if you need help assessing various data center providers, including ByteGrid, or have any