Our Story

Bluewave Sales was founded by two friends who launched their careers in technology sales and have continued to leverage that valuable experience in other aspects of their professions. As their careers continued to progress and it became their turn to “sit on the other side of the desk” during the sales process it became very clear that there was a better way to do business.

With technology continuing to advance at such a rapid pace we saw decision makers suffer from information overload with too many choices and no simple and effective way to make an informed technology purchasing decision. We also witnessed increased pressure on department heads and executives to lower and justify the costs of technology investments. Furthermore, we found that the traditional process of selling a single product or suite of products under one brand was limiting and did not enable us to place our client’s needs first. We believed that if we changed the process and aligned our sales team’s incentives directly with our clients, we could improve the experience for all parties involved.

We redesigned the technology purchase process in order to arm decision makers with the relevant information needed to evaluate the investment and gain approval quickly and efficiently. We accomplish this by enabling our Advisors to act as a technology “concierge” guiding clients through the evaluation and purchase process. By offering multiple solutions from leading partners we empower our team in a way that ensures our clients receive valuable guidance throughout the purchasing process.

Once a vendor has been selected we provide a comprehensive proposal that clearly outlines the company-specific requirements, vendor comparisons, pricing and recommendation. This process and proposal are what enable our clients to prepare a business case allowing them to feel confident with their decision.

We call this sales reimagined!