As the technology landscape continues to change, IT executives are frequently assessing whether to maintain their own in-house IT support or employ an outsourced solution to improve operations, increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Outsourcing IT is growing more attractive to enterprise and SMB organizations. In fact, the percentage of total IT budget spent on outsourcing rose from 10.6% in 2016 to 11.9% in 2017, according to Computer Economics’ IT Outsourcing Statistics 2017/2018 report. This represents a significant increase, considering these numbers have hovered at around 10% the previous four years. Even more interesting is that when it comes to outsourcing IT functions, businesses are favoring help desk and web operations as areas where they are moving the largest percentage of work to third-party providers. In doing so, they can shift the burden of technical support out of the IT department, giving the internal IT personnel more resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

While the financial benefits are undoubtedly attractive to C level executives, many see the operational benefits as more important. These benefits include:

  • Increased support availability – support during non-peak hours and varying time zones
  • Improved level of expertise – expert support with service level objectives in mind
  • Better response times – remote access to diagnose and troubleshoot problems immediately

While we see an uptick in outsourced help desk for businesses of all sizes, many IT teams have been hesitant to consider outsourcing because they are concerned with the impact on staffing (i.e. layoffs). The IT executives who are successfully reallocating IT help desk staff or resources to more strategic initiatives driving revenue growth are having the biggest impact in their organizations while simultaneously elevating their department’s stature within the company. This strategy creates a positive outcome for all stakeholders involved. Obviously, not all managed services providers are created equal. Whether a company is looking to fully outsource all help desk functions, or simply need Tier 1 support, it is paramount to find a provider that can best meet their specific needs. At Bluewave we help our clients find the perfect match.