HITECH has increased the scope of HIPAA regulations and their impact on healthcare companies and their business associates. HIPAA compliant hosting offers these organizations a way to achieve HIPAA compliant computer systems quickly and easily, with confidence that their data is fully protected. Truly HIPAA compliant hosting providers prevent breaches and can withstand regulatory examination in the event one does occur, thereby reducing the likelihood of additional penalties for the affected company.

Most data centers won’t be able to offer everything that the HIPAA regulations require. HIPAA compliant hosting can only be implemented successfully with careful planning, technical skill, and expertise born of experience. Covered entities and their business associates can fully enjoy the benefits of cloud hosting only with a truly HIPAA compliant IT partner.

Download the eBook “HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud – The Complete Solutions for Compliant Cloud Hosting” by Rebecca Santorios, VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance at ByteGrid to learn more HIPAA compliance and choosing the right data center partner.

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