What Bluewave can do for your business

We focus on solutions that drive growth, save money or both. Our communication solutions facilitate live interactions with customers or employees from anywhere in the world. Our sales & marketing solutions enable your sales team to identify, monitor and engage customers like never before.

Communication Solutions

Audio Conferencing

We offer multiple audio conferencing options that can be suited to any budget enabling multiple parties in different cities or countries to connect quickly and conveniently.

Web Conferencing

Meet with anyone, anyplace at any time with audio and video using just a web browser. Our online collaboration tools are great for small meetings or large seminars with functionality such as screen sharing, chat, remote control and recording.

Video Conferencing

Our virtual meeting solutions enable people from anywhere in the world to hear and see each other on a computer, a television screen or even a mobile device. Your business never stops and neither should you.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Choose from voice communication options that work over cloud-based networks rather than traditional phone lines. Our new cloud-based phone systems allow business users to communicate utilizing IP phones, computers or mobile devices at much lower costs.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM tools will supercharge your entire sales organization by enabling you to more effectively track and manage activities including lead management, pipeline, performance, forecasting and analysis within a single system.

Marketing Automation

Drive sales and customer engagement with solutions that automate customer interactions across web, email, social and mobile channels.

Sales & Business Intelligence

Sales is a numbers game plain and simple. Make your sales people into Sales Pros by providing them the tools they need to glean valuable background and contact information for any prospect, company or industry.

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